Mediastinum Annual Report 2021

Published: 2022-01-18

We are pleased to present a brief report on the progress of Mediastinum in 2021. Some of the highlights include:

- Mediastinum has an internationalized multidisciplinary editorial board of 88 members.
- Mediastinum has 40 articles published in 2021 and has 8 special series exploring trending topics (2 completed and 6 ongoing).
- Website pageviews and users have continued to rise. In particular, the pageviews reached 68,465 in 2021, representing a 44% increase compared to 2020; and the number of users went up to 26,152, representing a 34% increase, according to data of Google Analytics.

We are grateful to all editorial board members, guest editors, authors, reviewers and readers who have contributed to the steady growth of the journal in 2021 and look forward to the joint efforts and support from colleagues of all disciplines in promoting the knowledge and researches on medidastinal diseases.

Editorial Office

2021 Annual Report at PDF