Plagiarism Screening Policy

AME Publishing Company strives to maintain academic integrity in publishing. All manuscripts submitted to an AME-published journal will be screened for plagiarism by the plagiarism checker “iThenticate” ( at the following points in time:

1.   upon receipt of the submission

2.   when the author(s) submits the finalized manuscript after peer review

A manuscript will be rejected immediately if considered by the editorial office to be plagiarized or self-plagiarized.

A report of plagiarism will be handled as follows:

  1. The complainant contacts the editorial office of the journal in which the published article suspected of plagiarism appeared.
  2. The complainant indicates which sections have been plagiarized by clearly referring to both the original and suspected articles.
  3. The editorial office conducts an investigation, during which time the editor of the journal and the corresponding author(s) of the suspected article will be in contact.
  4. The corresponding author(s) will be asked to provide an explanation.
  5. If the author(s) of the suspected article accepts the complaint of plagiarism, an erratum or retraction is necessary to remedy the situation. However, there may still be a disagreement concerning the wording of the description.
  6. In the case of nonresponse within the stipulated time or an unsatisfactory explanation, the article may be permanently retracted.


Updated on April 25, 2022